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Like most families, you are gearing up for a successful high school experience. There are AP classes and lots of homework, extracurricular activities, not to mention time with family and friends. We suspect by the senior year in high school, your entire family will be proud of everything that your student has accomplished. College is just around the corner!


Getting into college is a great first accomplishment, but paying for it might be worrying you. 


It is terrifying how expensive college is today with costs up to $100,000 for a public college & $300,000 for a private college.   


Reality sets in.  You might be asking yourself…

  • How much is college really going to cost? 
  • And can we afford it? 
  • Have we saved enough?
  • Can you afford to go into student loan debt?

Suddenly that excitement turns into...

From information overload and confusion about the financial aid processes, the confusing applications  and yes, there are so many deadlines.  You might be worried about borrowing money or being able to support all your children with their college educations.   You might not have the right information and the tools to needed to coach and guide your student in making the best college choice – academically or financially.   



From thinking you have not saved enough, or fearful that you can’t afford your student's first choice college. No one wants to let their children down. Perhaps you do not feel confident on how to advise your student to make smart college choices - a choice that could make the difference in going to college debt free, or not.    



You’ve waited until the last minute and are hoping that “It will all work out” or maybe you are just paralyzed – there is so much to learn and where do you start?


Put away the Worry and Stress, Fear and Guilt and Denial or Paralysis and check The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers !


We've got you!

Worry no more, help is here!

Worry no more!  We have expertise and online programs to eliminate your worries and stress about college costs and affordability. You too can become your family's financial aid expert!


We've got you!   We help families just like you stack the deck in your student's favor with insider information and easy to use college planning tools.  Our families are empowered when they know their financial aid numbers. 


No judgement. Just take it one step at a time.  With The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers, we can help you get unstuck with our self-paced, easily to follow online financial aid education program.  


Whether you are just getting started or have a senior in high school, it is never too early or too late to begin your college financial aid training. A financial aid education is empowering and important at any stage in the college search process.


The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers will give you the training and tools you need to successfully navigate the entire college financial aid process, not just today but throughout your students undergraduate education. 


Put away the Worry and Stress, Fear and Guilt and Denial or Paralysis and sign up for The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers.




An easy and stress free college financial aid experience where you are

  • In Charge! 
  • Empowered!
  • Knowledgeable! 
  • Your family's financial aid expert!
  • Financial aid ready before the senior year!
  • Coaching your student to future financial success!

The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers   

The Ultimate College Financial Aid Planning Program

Your Financial Aid Success... 

Is just around the corner!

When it comes to your family's financial aid, you do not need to spend countless hours on the internet only to get an incomplete information, or pay thousands of dollars for someone to complete your first-year financial aid forms for you.


We teach you how to get financial aid and scholarships and graduate debt free. Your financial aid success is just around the corner.


Financial Aid Success includes...

  • Having a relaxing and fun senior year in high school
  • Knowing your financial aid numbers today and tomorrow
  • Coaching and guiding your student with confidence
  • Completing the financial aid applications with ease 
  • Knowing your eligibility for federal and state financial aid
  • Projecting your eligibility for college grants and scholarships
  • Successfully advocating and appealing for more financial aid 
  • Talking like a financial aid pro when calling the Financial Aid Office.
  • Know what college will cost you today, for tomorrow
  • Selecting a college that both you and your student can afford.

With a focus on early planning and college affordability, The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers trains you on the ENTIRE financial aid process - including financial aid from the Federal & State governments AND the colleges you are researching. Fully loaded, we  introduce you to hundreds of financial aid terms, tools and techniques to navigate the entire college financial aid experience – from today to your student's college graduation.

DO NOT DELAY.  We want you to be charge of your family’s financial aid, get the knowledge you need to get the maximum amount of free grants and scholarships and help your student graduate debt free.


Sign up today to get immediate access to The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers and start planning for college today. Don't delay!

Get The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers   

The Ultimate Guide To Financial Aid Planning

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