Adding Value for Your Employees & Your Communities

There are several ways for businesses and non-profit organizations to partner with The Financial Aid Shop:

1. Adding "Added Value" benefits for your employees

Benefits specialists say that giving employees money management training and tools through a financial wellness program is a key to workplace and employee satisfaction. To that point, a 2016 Employee Financial Wellness Survey of 1,600 full-time employees by Price Waterhouse Coopers showed that:

  • 52 percent of workers overall are stressed about their finances. And the younger the worker, the more likely he or she is to be worried: 64 percent of millennials said they are stressed about their finances.
  • 46 percent of workers spend three or more hours during the workweek dealing with or thinking about financial issues.
  • Financial wellness programs, including financial aid education, drive employee productivity and success. No matter what stage an employee is in their life, from the millennial trying to manage their student debt to the baby boomer saving for their children’s education, employers need to focus on their financial well-being.

Are your employees prepared financially for the high cost of college and the financial aid process? 


Are they prepared to handle additional stress and expenses that come with paying for college?


The Financial Aid Shop has online customized courses for your organization and your employees. Fill out the contact box below and let's talk about which product is right for you.

2.  Financial Aid Literacy Programs for your members or clients

Are you a credit union, bank, business or non-profit organization?


If so, we have a range of course offerings to assist your members/clients  with their college financial aid planning and preparing for a debt free college education.


Whether you are looking for comprehensive, customized online financial aid programming or webinars or workshops, The Financial Aid Shop has what you need to bring added value to you community.

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