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Simply teaching families just like you how to get financial aid & scholarships (and graduate from college debt free)

Complimenting your College and Career Services.  Educating your students and their families for financial aid success before their senior year in high school

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Yes, it is possible! – Our students can go to college and graduate DEBT FREE.

At The Financial Aid Shop™ we teach families how to do it.

Designed for families with students at any age, or any income bracket,  The Financial Aid Shop teaches students and families how to get financial aid and scholarships for college. It is never too early to learn about college costs and affordability and how to select a college you (and your student) can afford.   


The Financial Aid Shops courses offer families an alternative solution to overly complicated DIY research and high cost consulting services.  We take the stress out of your college financial aid planning and get you ready for the senior year in high school.  From stress to financial success!


Financial Aid expert Catherine Graham, Founder and CEO of The Financial Aid Shop is teaching families across the country how to get financial aid and scholarships with her online, comprehensive and easy to follow financial aid programs.  Based on her 30 years of hands on experience working in and leading Financial Aid Offices at colleges throughout the country, our financial aid programs are perfect for families just getting started or with students in their senior year of college. It is never too early or too late to learn about college financial aid.


At The Financial Aid Shop, we Simply Teach College Financial Aid. 

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Welcome to

The Financial Aid Shop! 

Hello! My name is Catherine Graham. I am the Founder and CEO of The Financial Aid Shop and creator of our financial aid education programs designed to help families successfully navigate the college financial aid process and get financial aid and scholarships. 


As a 30 year college financial aid educator, teacher and coach, I am excited to be sharing my experience and expertise with you.   I too applied for financial aid and borrowed student loans to pay for college, and boy did my parents make a lot of sacrifices! Had I known then how much college was going to cost and how my student loan debt was going to impact OUR financial futures, we would have made very different college choices.  You see, we did not understand the financial aid process and gave up too early.  There was so much to learn. It's not that we weren't smart it was just too hard to learn about financial aid while applying for it at the same time!  Had we learned about college financial aid BEFORE my senior year, we would have planned for college more strategically and made very different choices!


I want our families planning for college to have a much different experience and more positive financial outcomes.  At The Financial Aid Shop, we simply teach financial aid and help families get financial aid and scholarships and graduate debt free. 


Whether you are parent planning for college, a school administrator or from an organization that supports students and families, we have the financial aid training program just for you.


I look forward to working with you!

What families are saying about The Financial Aid Shop

The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers is incredibly comprehensive and easy to follow. She covered every aspect of the financial aid process and gave us the tools we needed to get organized for our granddaughter’s first college financial aid experience. I highly recommend this program to any family planning for college.

Pam Donesley

Grandparent of UCSB student
Manhattan Beach, CA

Catherine has an excellent grasp of the financial aid issues that I was facing and has helped me and my dad through financial aid process and the spring waiting game. I’d not considered study abroad until speaking with Catherine and now understand how my financial aid is used when I go to school in the fall.

Mike B

Parent of UCI student
Oceanside, CA

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