Catherine Graham
Founder & CEO

Financial Aid Expert, Educator, Speaker & Coach



Phone: (562) 754-5351

At The Financial Aid Shop I teach families

How to Get Financial Aid & Scholarships

and Plan for a Debt Free College Education


I have 30 years of financial aid experience working in Financial Aid Offices throughout the country.  My mission is to educate families about college financial aid and to empower them in their college search and selection process.  Ultimately, I would like to see students select a college that both the student AND parent can afford.    


Topics That I am Passionate About


Financial Aid Literacy & Education

Planning for College as Early as 8th Grade

Managing Expectations & College Research Tools

Projecting  Eligibility for Federal,  State & College Financial Aid

Understanding Outcomes

Paying for College

Finding Merit Scholarships

College Affordability

Student Loans

Keeping Financial Aid While In College

Graduating Debt Free

Financial Aid For California's Foster Youth

Financial Aid for California's Dreamers

California Assembly Bill 2015 


More about my experience here


The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers is my online, comprehensive financial aid education program that teaches families how to successfully navigate the entire college financial aid process.  From Stress to Financial (Aid) Success!

      Recent Events

      • Born to Talk Radio Show 

        June 8, 2020

        Thank you Catherine Graham for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. Catherine is the Founder of The Financial Aid Shop and Creator of The Financial Aid Formula and in this episode we talk about her work and why it is so important.


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      • Instagram Live Interview with NRRBA

        June 6, 2020

        Catherine Graham, Founder of The Financial Aid Shop shares how she got her start and why her heart led her to develop easy to use online tools to help families make informed decisions about college so they can graduate debt-free.  In her online program, The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filer" Catherine has distilled her 30+ years of financial aid experience into bite sized training modules designed to give families the tools and resources needed to choose the RIGHT school at the right price.


        Listen here:

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