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Programs for your students and staff

Whether are looking for financial aid education programs to compliment your existing financial aid counseling and career services, or need an off-the-shelf solution to meet your state's financial aid literacy regulations, The Financial Aid Shop has an online financial aid training solution for you.  


The Financial Aid Shop knows how busy our school and school district professionals are. Having worked with high school college and career centers we know how much personal attention you want to give to each of your students to ensure their college and career readiness, but in reality that is not always possible.   


At The Financial Aid Shop we want to compliment your counseling efforts and get your students financial aid ready, so that you don't have to.   


Wouldn't it be great if your college counselors and teachers were able to counsel students rather than teach them college financial aid basics.   What would your counselors day look like if their students and parents already had their financial aid training before their senior year?  


With our programs we prepare your students and get them financial aid ready whether they are considering a vocational school, two year community college or moving straight into a four year college.  We suspect your counselors would be overjoyed if your students came to their office ready to talk about financial.  We teach students

  • The financial aid basics and important vocabulary  
  • Important dates and deadlines as to not miss a deadline
  • How easy it is complete the FAFSA 
  • How to compare financial aid awards and appeal for additional financial aid
  • The importance of actively apply for outside a scholarships
  • To use the tools to calculate their eligibility for Federal & State Financial Aid  
  • How to grant and scholarship award projections from the colleges they are researching
  • That they can manage their senior year without stress & worry about affording college!

The Financial Aid Shop's programs are up to date with federal and state regulations, application materials and important dates and deadlines.  All training programs are segment/system neutral and provide information about public and private universities throughout the United States. 


We want to educate your  students and families about college financial aid as early as 8th grade!


We are pleased to be partnering with schools and school districts for financial aid training programs for your  your students and counseling staff and teachers.  Contact us for more information about training programs for your counseling teams and teachers.

The Financial Aid Shop's Financial Aid Teaching Programs are designed for:

Students and Families

For your students and families, Grades 8 –12 we offer online financial aid training programs that can be completed at home. All a family needs is internet access.

The Financial Aid Formula, our comprehensive online financial aid program, is available to support three different school populations:

  1. The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers  
  2. The Financial Aid Formula for Foster Youth
  3. The Financial Aid Formula for California Dreamers 

Financial Aid Training Mandates

Does your school have a state mandate? California High Schools are required per California State Law, Assembly Bill - AB2015 (effective 20-21) to introduce students to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and California Dream Act Application (CADAA) before the senior year.  We have two off the shelf programs to assist California High Schools in meeting this requirement:

  1. An Intro to the FAFSA & Financial Aid for FAFSA Filers
  2. An Intro to the CADAA & Financial Aid for CA Dreamers

These courses can taught in the classroom or offered as online learning courses at home. 

Professional Development

The Financial Aid Shop offers comprehensive and easy to use professional development support for your school administrators, counselors and teachers.  Our professional development training events are online, in person and by webinar for as few as one person (online) or for many more.  Our courses are up to date and include best practices for federal, state and college based financial aid.  Let us train your counselors and teachers today.

Financial Aid Training for your students is more important today than ever.   Let us save you time and resources not only for your counselors, your school and school district, but for the students you serve.  A knowledgeable financial aid student and parent will have more opportunities for success in the college search, selection and college going experience. The Financial Aid Shop provides the tools and resources for students and parents to become financial aid knowledgeable before their conversations with your counselors in their senior year. This is a win win!


Whether you are interested in financial aid courses to meet your states mandated requirements regulations (California’s AB-2015) or are looking for financial aid programs to compliment your existing financial aid counseling services, we have the on-line courses you need.  Check out our program offerings below.

We have the Program Designed Just for You

Comprehensive Online Financial Aid Programs for Students & Families

The Financial Aid Formula
for FAFSA Filers

The Financial Aid Formula
for CADAA Filers

The Financial Aid Formula
for CA Foster Youth FAFSA Filers

Courses to meet California AB-2015's State Mandates

An Intro to the FAFSA
& Financial Aid Process 

for FAFSA Filers

An Intro to the CADAA
& Financial Aid Process

For CADAA Filers 

General Financial Aid Overview Programs

Financial Aid 101

A FAFSA Overview & Walk Thru

Need A Speaker?    We love to speak with students and parents and offer Segment Neutral Financial Aid workshops and training events for any grade level.  Contact us for you next financial aid event.

We've been teaching Financial Aid for a while now...

Over the years, Catherine Graham has worked with local high schools and non-profit organizations to educate students and parents on college financial  aid at schools including:

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