The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers   

The Ultimate Guide To Financial Aid Planning

The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers is an easy to digest online course designed to help families plan for and navigate the entire college financial aid process with the goal of going to college debt free. The Financial Aid Formula...

  • Puts students and families in charge of their  financial future

  • Offers financial aid award projections and costs calculations through college graduation 

  • Walks families through the FAFSA and the CSS Profile 

  • Provides an overview of federal, state and college financial aid programs

  • Introduces resources, payment plans and tax benefits for parents

The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers Puts You In Charge!

From knowing important dates & deadlines to completing the financial aid forms with ease. The entire course is designed to get you the maximum amount of free financial aid including grants and scholarships from the federal and state government and from the colleges you are considering.

What Can You Expect From The Financial Aid Formula?

A comprehensive, SIMPLE and PROVEN financial aid course that gives you to all the financial aid concepts you need to know, laid out in understandable terms. We break it all down, piece by piece, turning confusion into clarity using video courses, workbooks and exercises.


With straightforward, no nonsense guidance and advice, you’ll be on your way to supporting your family through the complexities and emotions that come with your college search and selection process – all with an eye towards college affordability.  We promise that by the end of our The Financial Aid Formula you will...


  • Know EXACTLY what the federal government thinks you can pay for one year of education TODAY – which determines your eligibility for federal, state and most college financial aid.
  • Project your college costs for any college in the country. You do not need to wait until your financial aid notifications in the senior year of high school to have an idea of what college will cost. We walk you through all the tools to ensure a successful college investment. 
  • The Financial Aid vocabulary and tools of the trade.. It is important to know dates and deadlines and have a vocabulary to navigate the financial aid process.   This course introduces most federal, state and college  merit scholarships, grants, loan and work programs.
  • Have the tools and data to select a college with the maximum financial aid and scholarships and graduate debt free! 

The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers

includes TONS of Must Know information  

The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers is presented within three key themes and 18 information packed strategies. Each Strategy includes a self-paced video, workbooks and worksheets and tons of Bonus Content.  Here is a summary of strategies covered in The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers.


Preparing for your College Search and Financial Aid Process

  • Conversations With Your Kids About College – You’re Their Quarterback
  • Investigate Your Colleges – Predict the Path 
  • Demystify the FAFSA – A Confidence Booster
  • Be Calculating – Know what goes into your EFC
  • Give More & Get Less – The College Board’s CSS Profile
  • Avoid The Sticker Price – An Insider View To Your Real College Costs

Know the Vocabulary and Key Financial Aid Programs

  • Expand Your Vocabulary – You’ll Be Fluent Before You Know It.  
  • Capture The Free Money – Federal & State Financial Aid
  • Help Yourself To Work and Loans – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
  • Reduce The Parent Pain – Fool Proof Resources for Parents
  • Leverage Your Strengths – Apply & Receive Private Scholarships

Let's Get Your Financial Aid Numbers

  • Generate the Outcomes – History Does Repeat Itself
  • Sharpen Your Pencils – Review & Compare Financial Aid Awards
  • Appeal For More Financial Aid – What Does & Doesn’t Work
  •  Select A College You Can Afford – For Future Financial Success
  • High School Senior’s – The FAFSA is a No-Brainer
  • Receive & Keep Financial Aid in College – Your Check List

Bonus Content includes:

Insider tools and tips of the trade

Financial Aid Cost Calculators to use at any time during your college search and planning process

Current literature, research and white papers on financial aid & college costs.

What are others saying about

The Financial Aid Formula for FAFSA Filers

Student, Janice Y.

Palos Verdes. CA

“Thanks again for meeting with me! You gave me a lot of insight for my college planning and I fell more prepared for the next steps.  I look forward to utilizing the advice you provided."

Grandparent, Pam Donesley

Manhattan Beach, CA

"Catherine’s financial aid program is incredibly comprehensive and easy to follow. I highly recommend this program to any family planning for college."

USC Student Parent, L. Dixon

Lawndale, CA

"Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Catherine. The amount of value you receive from her knowledge and detailed advice, will allow you to be confident in your decision on how to further your child’s education. Because of her support on a financial aid appeal, we received about $4,000 more in scholarship money."

Parent, Pat D

Hawthorne, CA

"As a step-parent, I felt a lot of pressure to co-sign on expensive private loans for my daughter while she was in college. Catherine reviewed all our options with us and as a result, we were able to finish out her college education without having to take on more debt."

The Top 10 Outcomes 

Reported By Parents & Students Surveyed After Completing The Financial Aid Formula

  • Substantial increase in financial aid knowledge and increased confidences in the financial aid process

  • Early preparation for college admissions and knowing financial aid dates and deadlines

  • Clearer understanding of sticker price versus estimated NET college costs

  • Insider strategies on how colleges determine eligibility for merit scholarships

  • Ability to manage student and parent loans and work study program

    • Access to federal, state and institutional financial aid awarding methodologies


    • Access to the financial aid forms and methodologies before the senior year

    • How much families need to save, and how savings impacts financial aid eligibility

    • Research tools to determine which colleges they can and cannot afford

    • Managing parent and student expectations on college access, admissions and financial aid

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